Peter Sloane Award

Peter Sloane is the first economist in Europe to publish on the economics of team sports.

The sports economics literature developed in the 1960s almost exclusively in the United States under the assumption that professional teams are profit maximisers. Peter Sloane published a classic paper in 1971 in which he extended these models to the case where winning is an explicit goal of a team. His analytical approach, in which football teams maximise success under the condition of minimal losses, has continued to find support in the literature.

Since 2020, the ESEA has awarded the Peter Sloane Prize to a member of the sports economics community. The prize consists of a certificate and is awarded every two years. It is awarded on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Research contribution to European sports economics,
  • Promotion of young researchers in sports economics,
  • services to the development of the European sports economics community.

AWARD WINNER 2022 – Brad Humphreys

(West Virginia University, United States)

AWARD WINNER 2020 – Stefan Kesenne

(University of Antwerp, Belgium)

A tribute to Stefan Késenne by Jaume Garcia and Placido Rodriguez can be found here.